ParallelPlanes Lda. develops new organizational tools and forms for organizational, business and industrial sustainability in turbulent environments.

Constant changes and new challenges must be overcome based on new organizational paradigm such as networked enterprises, chaos and complexity management in organization, learning and learning organizations.

ParallelPlanes, Lda. bases its products, products-services systems, R&D and services through this lense.

Why Choose Us?

ParallelPlanes profile
  • World-class knowledge of advanced organizational and management models and advanced ICT.
  • Orientation towards application of these knowledge for creation of competitive and sustainable businesses, companies and organizations.
  • Orientation in building partnerships with the clients, rather than selling products.
  • Orientation to community.
  • Orientation to global environment (and market).
  • Orientation to flexibility, agility and collaborativeness of your company.
  • Flexibility, agility and collaborativeness of the PP’s collaborators.

Your Team


Hélio Castro
Hélio is co-founder and CEO of ParallelPlanes, Lda., company that works with advanced business models and technologies for manufacturing systems and enterprises. He is also Administrator of Dexter Technologies, S.A., an advanced metalworking industry, and is accumulating the role of CEO at Gene Energy Systems Lda.,an energy efficiency and renewables energy company. Also, Hélio Castro is an Administrator of Aelus Group since 2012. He holds a Degree in Production Engineering, a Master in Industrial Engineering and Management, and, presently, pursues a PhD in Production and Systems Engineering. Hélio Castro is also a member of the research group “Distributed and Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Enterprises,” within the CGIT – Industrial and Technology Management Centre, at the University of Minho, and is also an associated member and founder of 2100 Projects Association – Scientific Association for Promotion of Technology and Management for Organizational and Social Transformative Change.


Goran Putnik, Professor
Scientific Counseling
Goran D. Putnik, Dr. Habil., DrSc., Full Professor, Department of Production and Systems Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal. His scientific and engineering interests are distributed, agile and virtual production systems and enterprises design and management theory, and complexity management in organizations. His publishing record comprises more than 200 publications in international and national journals and conferences, including 12 books. He serves as a member of Editorial Board for several International Journals. He is an associate member of the International Academy for Production Engineering CIRP.
Luís Ferreira
ICT Counseling
Luís Ferreira, is currently Assistant Professor in the School of Technology at the Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave, Portugal. He holds a Dipl. in the field of Mathematics and Computer Science, an M.Sci. in the field of Computer Architecture, Communication and Networks, Systems Interoperability and Enterprise Architecture Integration, and a PhD in Industrial and Systems Engineering area. Professionally he developed several software systems and coordinated several projects on Enterprise Reconfiguration and Integration as CTO of Sidereus Company. He coordinated the eU project, as the first integrated wireless platform for Polytechnic Campus and was the national pivot for IPCA’s VOIP project. He was also director and consultant for Center of Computation of the Polytechnic. Academically he was member of INESC Porto research team and teaches subjects related with Computer Sciences, Software Engineering and Information Systems and Enterprises Integration to undergraduate and pos-graduate studies in Polytechnic. He is member of the Organizing Committee of the Master in Computer Engineering. He is also member of National Network of Mentors and is mentor of IUseIt and MySweetMariage entrepreneurial projects.
Vaibhav Shah
ICT Development
Vaibhav Shah has been in the field of Software Engineering since 1998, with significant international exposure. He has Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics (India), Master of Science degree in Information Technologies and Intelligent Systems (Russia) and he is currently finishing PhD in the field of Machine Learning and Virtual Enterprises at the University of Minho, Portugal. His main areas of expertise are Artificial Intelligence (AI), Software Design and Development, Programming, ORDBMS (database design and PL/SQL), Knowledge Engineering, Knowledge Management, System Modeling, Interface designing among others. He has worked as a software developer in two Indian software companies during 1998-2002, as a Knowledge Engineering Expert and Developer in a Russian organization during 2004-05, and as a project leader building an AI based system on an Indian research project for two years during 2005-07. Since 2007, he is a researcher, at the University of Minho’s Research Centre for Industrial and Technology Management (CGIT), and has worked on several European and International research & development projects.
Rui Neves
Graduated in Design and Multimedia at ESAD (Escolas Superior de Artes e Design in Matosinhos) and has also concluded advanced training in Web Programmer,as well as in Video Editing and Post-Production, both at Escola de Formação Alquimia da Cor, as a complementary degree. It is responsible for the creative department at Grupo AELUS, simultaneously being in charge of Designing and Web Development. Punctually works, as Multimedia Designer, at A3ro.
Cátia Alves
Industrial Engineering Development
Cátia Alves receives her Master degree in Engineering and Industrial Management from University of Minho (2012). She is developing a PhD project within the Doctoral Program in Industrial and Systems Engineering (PDEIS) at the University of Minho. She is a researcher at the Department of Production and Systems Engineering at the University of Minho. She is also a collaborator in the research group “Distributed and Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Enterprises,” within the CGIT – Centre for Industrial and Technology Management (CGIT), at the University of Minho. Her research interests are production scheduling, real time management systems, ubiquitous manufacturing and agile manufacturing.
Lúcia Andrade
Project Management
Lúcia Andrade has a degree in Management from the Faculty of Economics, University of Porto and is currently finishing a Masters in Industrial Engineering, minor in Industrial Management with focus on agile management and communicational systems, at University of Minho. In 2009 she joined Open Space, having as main functions the development of applications for EU Funds, Business plans and Market Research. Simultaneously, she works as a business consultant and as trainer in management.